The Design and Franchising of an APIEM Events Management course and diploma

The following courses provided by Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management give an indication of the modules that can be franchised – the academic team at APIEM will also work with a franchisee to develop be-spoke modules to offer greater contextualisation of course content if required.

Certificate in Events Management

This course is similar to the first year of a Bachelors degree course in Events Management and is a very good introduction to events management for students who have little experience of working in the industry.

Course objective is to understand how to design and deliver a variety of events from the initial concept to post event evaluation;

The course is designed to develop the management skills of junior event managers and can be completed in one year (full-time) or two years (part-time). The course uses best practise in teaching and learning and is endorsed by APIEM as being of world class standard to meet the needs of the global events industry. What will be studied?

Course modules:

  • The Development and Impact of the Events Industry

    This module explores how the events industry has developed into a global phenomenon and assesses the impact of the events industry to local, regional and national economies, societies, cultures and the environment. The future of the events industry will also be considered and evaluated.

  • Event Planning and Project Management

    The purpose of this module is to develop an understanding of the role of project management techniques and financial planning in the successful design and implementation of events from their conception, research and design to their control, delivery and evaluation.

  • Event Production

    Through this module an understanding of the full event production process will be provided that will include: power, staging and structures, sound, lighting and special effects. A special emphasis will be placed upon the safe and legal use of event equipment, hardware and working with specialist staff. The need to create memorable events through creativity and innovation will be explained.

  • Events Marketing

    All events have to attract customers and this module will explain how marketing and communications strategies and tactics can achieve this. The events marketing mix will be explained and a clear understanding provided of how contemporary developments in social media communications are essential for the successful staging of events.

  • Managing People in the Events Industry

    Working in the events industry is different to other sectors of employment and this module will examine these differences and how people management skills and expertise can be developed. People management lies at the centre of all successful events and events managers must be trained in contemporary human resource practices.

  • Designing Creative Events

    To gain customer satisfaction there is a growing trend for events to be creative and innovative in their design and presentation. This module introduces the concepts of creativity and innovation and how these are central to the design and implementation of events. A practical aspect of this module is the actual design of an event that is inspiring and motivational to its participants.

  • Entrepreneurship for Events Managers

    Each event that is organised has to meet customer needs and achieve the business objectives that have been set for it. Events managers have to be enterprising and be able to manage events as if they were small business managers. This module explores the concept of entrepreneurship in the context of the events industry.

  • Professional Practice

    It is recommended that practical experience of working in the events industry is gained as part of the course through this Professional Practice module, whereby volunteering opportunities are gained in the industry.

Diploma in Events Management

This course contains modules that are found on the second and third years of a Bachelors degree course in Events Management and is suitable for students who have work experience in the events industry or have successfully completed the Certificate in Events Management.

Course objective to enable events professionals to develop the knowledge and understanding to operate as a strategic leader and manager in the global events industry

The course is designed to develop the leadership and events management skills of professionals who already have experience in the industry. The Diploma can be completed in one year (full-time) or two years (part-time). The course uses best practise in teaching and learning and is endorsed by APIEM as being of world class standard to meet the needs of the global events industry. What will be studied?

Course modules:

  • Contemporary Issues in the Events Industry and their Implications for the Asia Pacific Region

    This module explores current developments in the global events industry that will have an impact on and implications for, the design and implementation of events in the Asia Pacific region. The specific content of this module will be drawn from contemporary global research. It is essential that Asia Pacific events managers are aware of developments in the global industry as these will shape the future direction of the industry in the region.

  • Strategic Event Planning

    The purpose of this module is to take a strategic perspective to the design, delivery and implementation of events with a particular emphasis on risk, health & safety and quality management. A variety of project planning tools and techniques will be considered for capacity planning and control, compliance with health & safety legislation as well as an exploration of effective quality management techniques.

  • People Management

    A key aspect of this module will be its focus on managing people in an international context and the special challenges of managing staff from different nationalities. Volunteers are frequently used in the events industry and events managers need to develop skills to manage people who will not receive a financial payment but will be motivated by other factors.

  • Events Marketing Strategy

    One success factor of an event is the achievement of delegate registrations or paying customers. There are marketing strategies and tactics that can be used by events managers to ensure that the events they organise attain the business objectives set. This module will explain current developments in marketing that can be applied successfully to the events industry. Content will include: consumer relationship marketing; market segmentation and target marketing; market positioning, branding and the events marketing mix.

  • Strategic Leadership & Management for Events

    Successful leaders and managers not only focus on operational matters but also need to be forward thinking, anticipating changes in the external and internal environments that will influence and shape business entities. Through this module a variety of approaches will be explained that can help leaders to develop a strategic plan that will take into account the opportunities and threats in the external environment but will capitalise on the strengths of the organisation.

  • Professional Development for Leaders

    This module examines a variety of different leadership styles and enables course participants to evaluate their own style of leadership and how their skills might be developed further. A number of techniques for becoming an effective leader will also be explained. The teaching and learning approach adopted for this module will be highly interactive using role plays and participant self- reflection and evaluation.

  • Major Project

    To enable course participants to investigate a topic, theme or issue of their choice – one that will have a direct relevance to the career or employer of the participant – a major project is undertaken. This is a self-directed module where the participant agrees a topic for their project with their supervisor and then undertakes a piece of independent research which culminates in a fully referenced, research report.

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