Dr Raziff Jamaluddin

Vice President, Partnership Development

Dr. Raziff Jamaluddin has been in the academic line for almost 15 years. He considered himself a proud alumnus of UiTM, where he completed his tertiary education from a Diploma to a Ph.D. from this institution.

Dr. Raziff is the former President of the Tourism Educators Association of Malaysia (TEAM) and the Editor-in-Chief of TEAM Journal for Hospitality and Tourism. He is an active International Resource Speaker for tourism events and destination topics with regular sharing in the webinar organized by the School of Hospitality and Tourism and Non-Government Association in Asian countries.

Dr. Raziff works closely with the industry, where he became the Advisor and consultant for companies and ministries. He is the Committee Member for the public and cultural events organized by the Event Management Division, Malaysia Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, where he has been involved in the planning and impact study for the cultural events organized by the Ministry since 2011.

Dr. Raziff is one of UiTM’s active consultants with more than 50 projects, mostly on impact study of major tourism events in Malaysia. He also became the Program Manager for training in the field of Homestay management, Hospitality operation, and Food Service operation.

Among his accolades, he is the Adjunct Faculty & Board of Studies member for the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management, Alagappa University, India, and a former Visiting Professor for PICOMS International University College, Malaysia.