It`s a great pleasure for APIEM to receive membership applications from professionals not just from Asia Pacific but from many other regions of the world. Our two most recent members are Dr Marina Gunare and Dr Olga Subanova. Dr Marina is a senior academic at the Baltic International Academy in Riga, Latvia, northern Europe. She teaches and researches in events management. Dr Olga is a senior academic who lives in Moscow, Russian Federation and is interested in contributing to the professionalization of the MICE/events industry in Russia through her membership of APIEM.

The benefits of being an APIEM Member are several. Not only can you network with other APIEM Members in countries throughout Asia Pacific, but you are able to attend APIEM conferences and seminars, and forward papers for publication in the APIEM Journal. In 2019 the APIEM conference programme commences and we will welcome conference papers on a wide variety of themes relating to the MICE/events industry.

In 2019 APIEM is planning to hold a conference in the beautiful north European city of Riga, Latvia. We will work in partnership with Dr Marina Gunare and Dr Olga Subanova. Further information about APIEM Events will be posted through our website and social media.