UCSI University, Sarawak, Malaysia has become APIEMs latest Institution Member. The benefits of becoming an institutional member include all the faculty members who teach on the events/MICE programs becoming APIEM Professional Members and the opportunity to receive discounted delegate fees for attending APIEM conferences. Ten faculty members from UCSI University, Sarawak Campus have now received their APIEM Professional Member certificates: Ting Hui Bun; Sherrymina Kichin; Assistant Professor Hanafi Bin Hamzah; Dr. Leong Quee Ling; Nazatul Na`aimah Binti Zulkifly; Francesca Enchang; Assistant Professor Danial Yong; Assistant Professor Dr. Hiram Ting Huong Yiew; Ida Anak Ingko and Sim Pei Lin. Welcome to APIEM UCSI University, Sarawk Campus, Malaysia.