APIEM has now recruited it`s first two partners in Central Asia – the Issykkul State University, Karokol and the Bishkek Academy of Finance and Economics (ADAM University) – both in Kyrgyzstan. These institutions of higher education join APIEM as members (not as Centres of Excellence). This is because `events management` is not yet a university discipline taught in universities in Kyrgyzstan. However, both of these universities have signed MoUs with APIEM so that APIEM can support the development of an appropriate events management curriculum that can be taught by these universities. The MoU that has been signed also includes an opportunity for educational field study programmes to be organised by these universities and offered to APIEM members so that our members can visit Kyrgyzstan on cultural study tour programmes to experience tourism in this beautiful country. Kyrgyzstan is a fascinating country to visit because 93% of its land area is classified as mountainous and it has an interesting history with many buildings and cultural heritage from the former Soviet Union period. Situated on the Silk Road that used to connect China in the east to Europe in the west the peoples of Kyrgyzstan are very welcoming and will look forward to welcoming APIEM members to their country. If you would like to visit Kyrgyzstan on an APIEM educational field study tour programme in the summer of 2018 please write to contact@theapiem.com – we look forward to taking you to beautiful Kyrgyzstan.